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Entry #1

What's to say?

2008-06-30 00:19:13 by Chasethedrummer

I'm just a drop out drummer who spends most of his time in his room.
The only time I leave is when I feel like going to my class at the technical collage here.
I'm eighteen and I've only had one job which I quite after about three weeks.
(The creepy dishwasher guy kept flirting with me and trying to "convert" me
and let's face it... Busing tables in a crappy oyster joint just plain sucks!)
The only thing I have ever been good at is drumming...
But, strangely, I love my life! Despite how boring my life is now,
I've actually seen and done a lot of things most people only dream about!
I mean, just two years ago I was living in Hawaii with a tight band
and was constantly around friends and groupies!
I've been almost all over the USA and I don't plan on settling down anywhere soon.
Sadly though, the only thing moving around has really taught me
is how boring this country can be. -_- Whenever I get the money,
I plan on leaving it for awhile just to see how the rest of the world really is.
My ultimate goal in life is to get my musical vision spread throughout the world,
but before I can do that, I need to find some new band mates!
Right now, I'm staying in the quiet little town of Abbeville just outside of Lafayette Louisiana,
so if you've got any way of getting town here or you have a way of
recording music and sending files to me, let me know!
I'll work with anyone musically!


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